GET INVOLVED with the St. Albert Tool Library

If you believe a Tool Library has a positive impact on our city, PLEASE SUPPORT US!!  There are numerous ways you can help out. Questions? Email or call Bridget at 587-805-2221.


Cash donations help us with operating and administrative expenses for the Tool Library and Fix It Cafes.

Yes! We do accept etransfers; please email to arrange.


We are already aiming to expand! More space would allow us to provide more tools to DIY enthusiasts in St. Albert and area. 

This space would have to be gifted or greatly subsidized. Our plans are BIG for what this library will accomplish in our community and all great things have a small beginning!  

Storage space is needed for donations that are seasonal (gardening supplies) as well as for  surplus donations that we can reroute .


We are always on the hunt for donations of new or used tools.

If you have tools or small appliances that need minor repairs, go green by donating them for repair and reuse.

donate your time

We have many volunteer opportunities available, and we are super fun to work with! 
Check volunteer postings >


We also still need some equipment for outfitting our library:

  • Laptop and wireless mouse

  • First Aid Kit

  • Ramp tool kit

  • Jerry can

  • Pegboard hooks for tools

  • 2-3 Folding Tables (compact)

  • A tent for outside events

  • I Pad for square payment

  • 2 non cut locks

  • Cash box with lock

  • Electric heaters

  • Bins of all sizes (with/without lids)

  • Long extension cords

  • Power Bars

  • Garbage bags

  • Mop bucket for a ringer (mop)

  • flyswatter

  • Party decorations (for fundraiser for library)

  • Left over small consumables from projects (screws, sandpaper, paint rollers)