In early 2017 at a St. Albert neighbourhood extravaganza, an idea for tool sharing was born!


Two wives were discussing how their husbands have so many tools they purchased for DIY projects.  Tools that were taking over their garages... 

Then it hit them... rather than buying and accumulating tools that sit on their shelves, why couldn't neighbors come together and share tools when often the same tools are purchased in every household. 

Initially we wanted a more localized project in each of the main neighbourhoods in St. Albert.

However, we realized it would be best to open this pilot project up to the entire city.  This way everyone benefits.

We were intrigued by this concept and discovered that this isn't a new idea.  There are over 100 tool libraries all across North America and many more in the works.

Sharing depots and tool libraries help people to accomplish their projects in less time, save money, help reduce waste and clear up clutter in dwellings.  Some people simply don't have the space to store things, like apartment and condo owners. 

Why not take the tools that we end up not using, that sit on our shelves and collect dust, and provide a resourceful way for them to be used more often?

We are excited for this new project.  We believe it will be of great benefit to our community and expect it to go way beyond the tool library...  hosting Fix It Cafes, managing resources, uniting neighbourhoods and eventually working with other organizations to help our community become more resourceful.  

Truly it is community at its best when we all share our resources and gifts with each other.