Bet you never guessed you could rent these at the Tool Library!

A cake pop maker and / or a cupcake maker! Make awesome treats for your next party, school event, bake sale, or just for kicks on any old day!

These are exactly the kinds of gadgets you should borrow from the Tool Library instead of buying and cluttering up your cupboard space.

Come down and check out what else we have at our ever-expanding Tool Library. Open Thursday evenings, 6 to 9 pm.

Thinking about membership? Come check us out on a Thursday evening (photo album).


The Tool Library is located in the Grace Family Church parking lot at 60 Liberton Drive (the road that runs behind Sobeys) and is open every Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm. See you there!

We have a lot of great stuff packed into our remodelled sea can in the church parking lot!

A membership with the Tool Library is like having unlimited access to your handy neighbour’s fully stocked garage. Drop by one Thursday evening and take a look around.

We look forward to meeting you! Till then - check out some photos:

Grand Opening a success - we are open for business!

Our grand opening on June 1 was a fun day of food, music, playing around with tools, and just generally getting to know the St. Albert Tool Library!

We are open every Thursday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm, and by appointment any time as long as we have a volunteer available to come and meet you.

A standard annual membership is only $50, seniors’ membership is $30, so sign up and start getting some things done!

Happy new year! Thinking of freshening up your space for 2019?



This is the time of year many of us are making changes in our lives to feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. For some of us, that will mean fixing up our living or working spaces.

One of the easiest ways to make a room (or all of your rooms) feel clean, fresh, and new is to paint. It’s also the least expensive renovation - especially when you borrow your equipment from the Tool Library instead of buying it!

We have paint scrapers, putty knives for fixing holes, roller frames, and even a paint sprayer if you’re doing a large space. Check out our inventory or email us if you have questions.

Intimidated at the thought of starting a painting project in your home? You can do it! Start by checking out some how-to-videos online, like this one:

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Borrow a jigsaw and sander to make these great push toys for the little ones in your life

Yesterday’s post was for building a dream dollhouse. So, once you've got a cool house, you need a way to get to and from it each day, don't you?

Here are some great little toys you can make out of scrap 1 x 4 boards so your kids can have a car, a truck, or – hey, if you're thinking big – a helicopter to travel from home to wherever they dream up to go!

Design and plan from Ana White

Reserve your tools! Drill, jigsaw, sander

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DIY Dream Dollhouse

Design and plan from

Design and plan from

Forget the cheap plastic dollhouses that look like junk after a few months of play (not to mention, there is too much plastic in our landfills already). Build one of these sturdy wooden dollhouses that your kids can play with for years, then fight over who gets to hand it down to their own children one day.

This is a little more advanced project that does take several tools, so you might want to read the plans to see how you can stagger your project over 2 or 3 weeks. That way you can just pick up the tools you need as you go.

For the plywood sheet, remember that many building supply stores will cut wood for you in-store. You can get your plywood down to a manageable size that is easier to transport and work with.

Design and plan from Ana White

Reserve your tools! Circular saw, jigsaw, miter saw, drill, sander, nail gun, tape measure

Giant Jenga! A fun gift anyone can make

Giant Jenga



Young or old, everybody loves Jenga. And the only thing better than regular Jenga is giant Jenga! What else is there to say? This project is very simple – all you need to do is cut, sand, and finish 56 wood blocks. No problem, right?

Think of it as just 8 blocks a day over the week you have your tools home from the tool library.

You can borrow a power saw and sander for this project or simply go with a hand saw and sandpaper. The second will give your arms a great workout!

Instructions from  DIY Dork

Instructions from DIY Dork

The instructions for this project are via Youtube video. There is a good suggestion in the comments area to sand your boards before you cut them. It makes your initial sanding easier, then you just have to sand the cut edges later.

Instructions from DIY Dork

Reserve your tools! Saw, sander, tape measure

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More DIY gift ideas: borrow a sander and make a fabulous chess/checkers table!

Board games are cool again—just check out the growing number of board game cafes in and around Edmonton. And with this fabulous chess or checkers themed table, lovingly hand finished by you, some lucky person on your Christmas list can be their neighbourhood's hottest new game night host!

Instructions from  Remove and Replace

Instructions from Remove and Replace

If you are an experienced builder, you might consider making a complete new table from scratch. But since we are all about reducing and reusing here at the St. Albert Tool Library, we hope you will rescue an old table and give it new life.

Borrow one of our sanders, buy some tape and stain, and voila – a very cool gift is born.

Design and plan from Remove and Replace

Reserve your tool: Sander

Borrow me and create!

From now until Christmas, you can buy a Tool Library membership for yourself and gift one to a friend for free!

Remember to email ahead to to let a library volunteer know you will be coming to pick up your tool!

Beautiful and meaningful: DIY handcrafted gifts using tools from the Tool Library

Happy November 1st! Hallowe’en is officially done for another year, so it’s time to start seriously thinking about Christmas. For the next few weeks, we will be scanning the web for awesome DIY gift projects with tool requirements we can cover for you here at the St. Albert Tool Library.

Christmas can be such a stressful time of year. You want to give thoughtful gifts to all those you care about, but each year the costs seem to go up and up (while quality, not so much).


How often do you wind up buying something from a giant chain store and before you even have it wrapped, get that creeping feeling it will soon be just another thing sitting in a cupboard? We drive ourselves crazy and spend too much money trying to buy just the right things for people who usually just don’t need more stuff.

How great would be it be to give your friends and relatives beautiful, unique gifts made by you this year? What could be more thoughtful and meaningful? With tools from our tool library, basic inexpensive materials, and some loving elbow grease, you can be the best gift-giver this year without going into deep debt to do it!

Today, we are thinking wIne racks! Who among us doesn’t have a wine-loving friend or relative or two or three? Check out these ideas for making a functional and decorative gift they’ll love:


From now until Christmas, you can buy a St. Albert Tool Library membership for yourself and gift one to a friend for free!

This brilliant little wine rack is not only clever and unique, it is super easy to make and requires few tools or materials. You could easily make several of these in a single afternoon for every wine lover in your sphere.

The one in this photo is nice, but for gifts you might put a little more effort into sanding the edges and consider a funkier finish: distressed or metallic would look amazing.

Design and plan from Rogue Engineer

Reserve your tools! Miter saw, drill, sander, tape measure

This rustic wine holder has a Pottery Barn feel and though a little more time-consuming than the one above, is still quite easy to make. It has more pieces to assemble and requires countersinking some screws - but is a lovely decorative piece for your wine lover.

This plan uses a pockethole jig which unfortunately SATLS does not yet have. A similar plan from Lowe's just uses a countersink drill bit or watch this video (Youtube) to see how to do angled countersink holes without a jig.

Design and plan from Shanty 2 Chic

Reserve your tools! Circular saw or miter saw, drill, sander, nail gun, tape measure

I love this rack because it is simple, compact, and also holds glasses! While not at all difficult, this one is a little fussier because of the rounded ends on the glass stem slots. These will require cutting out with a jigsaw and a bit of fussy sanding to get the edges nice and smooth. (This plan also calls for a Kreg jig; see my note above).

Design and plan from House of Wood

Reserve your tools! Circular saw or miter saw, drill, sander, nail gun, tape measure

wine rack from pallet.jpeg

And finally, what DIY wine rack post would be complete without one made from a pallet? This one from HGTV can hold 25 bottles of wine! Alternately, the top shelf makes a great place to set a photo or two or some wine-related knick-knacks. Or maybe some tea?

Design and plan from HGTV

Reserve your tools! Crow bar, circular saw, hammer, drill

If you don’t see anything here that seems like just the right fit for your wine lover(s), just go to the web and search ‘DIY wine racks’ for ideas galore!

Don’t forget, the St. Albert Tool Library lends out tools every Thursday night. Email ahead to to make sure there is someone there to help you.

Last warm weekend for yard cleaning? Tomorrow is tool library night!

It’s not too late to get those nasty fall leaves out of your yard, off your driveway, and out of your eavestroughs. We can lend you an extension ladder, leaf blower and rakes to help you get any last minute fall cleanup done. You will thank yourself when spring arrives and you don’t have a mushy mess when the snow melts.

Our 20’ extension ladder is yours for the borrowing!

Our 20’ extension ladder is yours for the borrowing!

Thursday nights are Tool Library nights! Just make sure to email us at so we can make sure there is a volunteer there to meet you. And if you are not yet a Tool Library member, check out our 2 for 1 membership special!

leaf blower.jpg
leaf rake.jpg

Join the Tool Library today - two memberships for the price of one!


And for a limited time only, you can buy your membership to the Tool Library for $50 and gift a membership to someone else for free!

Just sign up before December 31, 2018 and fill out the 2nd membership form (button at right) or let us know via email at who you would like your second membership to go to.

As an added bonus, all memberships purchased in 2018 will expire December 31, 2019 - so the sooner you sign up, the more membership months you get for your money.

Check out our ever expanding inventory here >

Sign up for a membership here >

*Come to 60 Liberton Drive (the Grace Church parking lot) Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm to borrow tools. Currently lending is by appointment only, so be sure to email to ensure there will be someone there to meet you.

Gorgeous DIY Christmas decor you can make with a bandsaw and scrap wood

I know, I know - I hate seeing Christmas articles before Halloween is over too. But when it comes to DIY wood Christmas crafts, you just might need the extra time. 

Who doesn't get the itch to buy a new Christmas decoration or two (or ten) when the holiday season rolls around? It's a festive time, we want to celebrate. And to celebrate means to decorate! The problem is, so many of the decorations we buy at the store are made of plastic and shipped thousands of miles to reach us. Our Christmas cheer can be a bit, well, environmentally non-cheery. 

This year, why not borrow some tools from the St. Albert Tool Library and take a stab at making your own Christmas decorations out of wood? The projects we link to below can be cut out with a bandsaw which, of course, we can lend to you. If you have done any DIY work around the house this summer, you might have enough scrap wood sitting in your basement or garage for materials. (You can also try the scrap or bargain bin at your local building supply store). 

If you are a quick worker and feeling entrepreneurial, consider making enough of these gorgeous rustic Christmas decorations to sell at a local Christmas market or craft fair. You can make your environmentally-friendly creations available to others in our community and pick up a few extra dollars at the same time!

If you don’t care for our Christmas craft ideas, just do a Google search of “DIY bandsaw decorations” to bring up tons of ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, Youtube, Etsy, and more.


A bandsaw can cut curves and irregular shapes for crafts and furniture making. It also lets you rip boards into thinner pieces and cut materials other than wood (even metal). Borrow this tool >

With your membership to the St. Albert Tool Library, you can reserve a bandsaw and other tools you might need, and pick them up Thursday evenings between 6 and 9 pm. Currently we open by appointment only; email 
ahead of time to ensure someone can meet you.