Giant Jenga! A fun gift anyone can make

Giant Jenga



Young or old, everybody loves Jenga. And the only thing better than regular Jenga is giant Jenga! What else is there to say? This project is very simple – all you need to do is cut, sand, and finish 56 wood blocks. No problem, right?

Think of it as just 8 blocks a day over the week you have your tools home from the tool library.

You can borrow a power saw and sander for this project or simply go with a hand saw and sandpaper. The second will give your arms a great workout!

Instructions from  DIY Dork

Instructions from DIY Dork

The instructions for this project are via Youtube video. There is a good suggestion in the comments area to sand your boards before you cut them. It makes your initial sanding easier, then you just have to sand the cut edges later.

Instructions from DIY Dork

Reserve your tools! Saw, sander, tape measure

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