Countdown to grand opening: beautification time!


We have a trailer for our library! But as you can see, it's pretty ugly.

We have our work cut out for us this month, transforming our rusty hunk of metal into an inviting neighbourhood meet and share spot!

We are aiming to open by June 30, but we need help. If you can donate any of the following materials, please email us at

For the outside: 

  • earth tone paint to paint 3 sides of the trailer and/or white collars. Has to go onto aluminum siding (I think).  2 different colors

  • 2-4 Large garden pots ( we have fake plants to go into them) 

  • Chain to secure the bench and green foliage 

  • Left over wood to build some ramps for doors

  • Rail ties (or something else?) to put the trailer on to level it 

  • 2 locking door knobs

  • 2 padlocks

For the inside:

  • 2x4 framing for the shelving

  • Cleaning supplies - mop/broom/cleaning solutions for tools, wire brushes, etc

  • Paint for the walls

  • Lighting