We are lending now but still need donations

Our tool library is looking better every day, but we still have much to do!

If you have any of the following kicking around your home or business, please email  info@satls.org and we will gladly take them off your hands! 

  • Jerry can

  • Wireless mouse

  • Water jug for our water cooler for washing hands

  • Pegboard & hooks for tools

  • Non cut locks for outside door 

  • First aid kit

  • Cash box

  • Bins of all sizes (with/without lids)

  • Extension cords

  • Power Bars

  • Mop bucket with a ringer (mop)

  • broom/dust pan

  • 2-3 folding compact tables

  • Left over small consumables from projects (screws, sandpaper, paint rollers)

  • Garbage bags & duct tape

  • Tent cover for outdoor events

  • Party decorations (for fundraising)

  • Gas cards (to run generator)