What can you borrow at the Tool Library?

It’s really feeling like spring could finally be here to stay! Time to start thinking of doing all those fabulous yard projects you’ve been seeing on Facebook and Pinterest and such. Or, just get a few things cleaned up and looking better without that layer of winter grime that seems to be everywhere this time of year. We are open tomorrow night from 6 pm to 9 pm, so come in and see us!

The Tool Library is open Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm at 60 Liberton Drive (in the parking lot of Grace Family Church). Get yourself a MEMBERSHIP and come in!

Vacuum Adapter Vehicle Cleaning Kit

Get into those cracks and crevices and make your car or truck all fresh and clean now that it’s finally starting to dry up outside.

DeWalt Laser Level

Our constant freezing and thawing can throw off all your used-to-be nice straight outdoor builds. Get everything straightened up again - a laser level helps you work with larger and longer pieces and spaces. Of course, it’s fabulous for indoor renos too - cabinets, shelves, drywall … anything you want beautifully aligned!

Floor Squeegee

Sometimes simple things have big effects.

This baby and your hose or bucket will help get all that lingering sand, dirt and salt off your driveway and walks! It makes everything in your yard look fresher in no time.

Build and fix things yourself. Using your non-profit local tool library saves you having to buy new tools or find tool rentals for every DIY project you want to try. Become a member today!