We are a throw away society!  We need to change that at so many levels. Cities have done their part by enhancing recycling programs but we as citizens also need to do our part.  Things that have nothing or little wrong with them get chucked everyday into landfills.  We've heard stories of whole garages of tools being tossed away because they didn't know how to find them a home. 

Many say, "we no longer have TIME to fix something that breaks."  But with this mentality we are also throwing away a chance to learn and pass knowledge along to others. There are many people out there that want to learn, but don't know who to ask!   

This is why we hold Fix it Cafes. Every time a cafe happens, Fixers use their skills to support their community, waste is saved from landfills, people connect and strengthen their sense of community, and fixing knowledge is passed down. We all win!